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630 W. 3rd St. Milan, MO 63556


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In the early 1950’s a group of concerned citizens unified their efforts to change the inadequate healthcare delivery system of Sullivan County. Their dedication and unification of a common goal led to the existence of Sullivan County Memorial Hospital.

Six decades later, a new era of medicine has evolved, technological advances along with governmental mandates has dramatically changed medicine and our nation’s healthcare delivery system.

Our Mission is a constant and remains quite simple ~ “Provide Quality Care to Those We Serve”. We have endeavored to achieve that goal and we continue to build our foundation on the basic core values of:

* Dedication to our community and Those We Serve
* Partnerships for comprehensive services
* Integrity and Trust
* Physicians and Staff ~ the key and ultimate goal to our success

SCMH is proud to have a dedicated professional staff with the knowledge, skills and resources to provide quality patient care, whether it is for: Physicians & Clinics, Emergency, Acute and Outpatient or Nursing Facility Care.

We sincerely appreciate our community and to all that we serve; please provide us the opportunity to provide for your future healthcare needs.


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Interpreter services provided free of charge.


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