Visitor Policy


Emergency Department (doors will be unlocked between 0730 and 2200 hours)

Adult patients:

One visitor at a time. Visitors can switch out

Pediatric patients:

Two visitors

Outpatients; including provider clinics

One visitor stays with them at all times



Two visitors allowed at a time and can come and go


One visitor between 0730 and 2000 hours (can switch out and come and go)

Evening or overnight visitors require pre-approval from nursing leadership

Palliative care or end-of-life patients will be based on approval from the provider or nursing leadership 

COVID Protocol

NO visitors for COVID-19 patients or in isolation (PUI- Person Under Investigation)

Patients who are diagnosed as COVID-positive will not be allowed visitors without specific exception approval

Hospital, clinic(s), and Business Office personnel are still required to wear masks in public areas and during patient-facing activities

Reception areas will scale back to just asking patients/visitors to wear masks/sanitize hands but will not be required to ask symptom questions.


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